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Big Belly Smart Waste Bins

Transforming public spaces

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Fundamentally superior fully enclosed public waste bins

Bigbelly Smart recycling & waste bins help create & maintain aesthetically pleasing and pristine public places which is directly beneficial for both the community and for tourism.

With our fundamentally superior fully enclosed public waste bins there will be no unsightly overflow, no visible waste, no windblown litter, and no access for unwanted pests.

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Invaluable Real-time Data on your Bins

Real-time data and long-term insights on recycling diversion, waste volume, and collection activities can help you plan for the future.

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Fewer collections & no overflowing waste bins

Our intelligent waste bins have fullness-indicators helping avoid bin overflows and immediately letting you know when a collection is required. This can reduce collections by 80%.

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Reduced Rats & Pests

Our fully enclosed bins remove a primary food supply for rats & other vermin, lowering the population where they are installed.

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Save on fuel & vehicle maintenance

Fewer collections means a reduction in fuel consumption & a reduced requirement for vehicle maintenance.

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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to the Environment Protection Authority, transportation is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The Bigbelly rubbish bins can reduce waste collections by an average of 80 per cent.

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Increased volume of waste bins

Waste bins with compaction have 5x capacity. This means less time collecting waste and less disruptions to the community.

Where can Bigbelly Waste Bins go?

With Bigbelly bins you can combine units and create a waste and recycling bin plan to suit the purpose of the area.

The modular system can be tailored for specific sites depending on capacity and waste streams including mixed waste, single-stream recycling or compost.

Reduced Labour

Less frequent collections result in reduced need for labour, helping combat labour shortages, reduce costs and allocate staff more efficiently.

Recycling Done Right

Achieve consistent and uniform recycling; which helps achieve zero-waste and sustainability goals.

Prevent Plastic Pollution

Once waste goes in, it can’t come out. This helps prevent windblown litter polluting rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Manco Environmental is proud to be Bigbelly waste bin’s exclusive Australian distributor. Our experience int he waste industry puts us in the perfect position to partner with Bigbelly.

Manco Environmental, a division of Manco Engineering, specialises in the design & manufacturing of equipment utilised in the waste & recycling, including waste trucks, stationary compactors & green waste shredders.