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Bigbelly Bin Technology

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Bigbelly’s CLEAN™ Management Console

The software provides information about every facet of the Bigbelly bin system. It gives you seamless control over your fleet of Bigbelly bins & makes it easy to make real-time & long-term decisions about your waste collections.

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Unique compaction technology uses a built-in “ram” to compact waste multiple times before it needs to be emptied.

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LED Indicators

LED indicators on the front show the fullness level, machine status, and any error codes.

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Solar Power

Our bins that incorporate solar panels on the top of the bin, harvest energy from the sun to charge the battery to operate the compactor. Energy management software means the bin continues to operate during low sunlight conditions too.

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Fully-Enclosed Chute Disposal Interface

Standard on Smart bins, they eliminate visible waste, rat and pest access, and windblown litter.

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Remote Lock for Chute Interface

Remotely access the bin’s chute in order to lock or open it.